So Many Layers To The Beckett Onion

Elements + Fire and Water
Castle Theme Party | Challenge #6


"Truth conquers all."

Castle + Purple

"I bet I figure out how they’re connected before you do."

"castle" + snapchats | for: beanie


Veritas- Parallels

Beckett drinking from Montgomery’s flask - 2x13/3x24

caskett au → When things go awry in her marriage to Richard Castle, instead of dealing with the legal mumbo jumbo, Gina Cowell turns to the wrong side of the law and thus, Kate Beckett. Kate is hired to seduce and kill the mystery writer and stage it in such a way that the ties will never come back to Gina herself. Unfortunately for Gina, she never counted on the ruthless hit woman falling for her husband’s charm.

Castle Deleted Scenes


As always, please like (or say thank you!) if you download. This took me quite a long time because it was a matter of finding the deleted scenes. I, unfortunately, couldn’t locate any on my Season 1 DVD so alas, no deleted scenes from Season 1!


  1. Take 5
  2. More Morlock
  3. Alibi & Timeline


  1. A Deadly Affair
  2. Warden Walk and Talk
  3. Alternate Von Mannschaft
  4. More on Biker Billy Grimm
  5. Brilliant Clue
  6. So Cool
  7. Sincerest Form of Flattery
  8. Taking a Chance
  9. Castle meets Jim Beckett
  10. Blackmail
  11. Temptation Lane
  12. Message from Royce
  13. Honorary Badge
  14. Out of Line


  1. Dial M for Mayor
  2. Our Linchpins
  3. New Identity
  4. Way Over The Line
  5. Are you there?
  6. Unprofessional
  7. Outside Montgomery’s House
  8. Sound like an alcoholic


  1. Missing Photo
  2. I need your help
  3. He’s a rat
  4. Unnamed
  5. Tessa’s Boss
  6. Recoil
  7. Outrageous
  8. Blood in the van
  9. Castle calls Beckett
  10. Be Careful, Over
  11. Happy Birthday, Castle
  12. Are We Dating?

Track Title: What's it gonna be

Artist: Robert Duncan

Album: Under Fire

Robert Duncan - What’s it gonna be (6x11, Under Fire)